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Mangwee Money Transfer 

Mangwee is a Zambian Mobile Money Company addressing a key issue of financial inclusion and poor access to bank accounts by Zambians. We provide financial technology solutions for ordinary people, with greater convenience and better security. Mangwee is a brand operated and owned by Virtual Space Limited. We offer a range of services including Group Savings, Mobile Money Transfer Services, Bill Payment, Bulk Payments, and Corporate Payment Solutions among others.Read more>>

Security Tips

  • Never share your PIN with any one, keep it secret
  • Make sure the receiver gets an SMS after you send the money
  • Make sure you receive a message immediately you deposit money in your Mangwee account
  • Always go with your NRC when receiving and withdrawing money

How to send money
Visit any Mangwee Agent with your Mobile Phone and NRC. The agent will ask for the following;

  • The receiver’s mobile phone number
  • The receiver’s NRC Number
  • Amount you want to send
  • Then confirm with the receiver if they have received a confirmation SMS to their mobile phone

How to receive money
When you receive an SMS, visit any Mangwee Agent with your mobile phone and NRC. The agent will ask for the following;

  • Your mobile phone number
  • Amount being received
  • Then give the agent a transaction confirmation code which will be sent to your mobile phone.
  • Then you can receive your money

Mangwee rates

Our rates are the most competitive in the country. Click here to view our tariff plan which includes sending, deposit and withdraw rates.

Click here to get a free Mangwee account

Mangwee Mobile app

The Mangwee mobile app is now available. Install it on your android smartphone and get fast access to our platform.

1. Download the app by clicking this link https://drive.google.com/…/0Bx5vJYJFKUzrRlNmZGxsZkFJc…/view…
2. Install the app
3. Open it and enter mangwee as the code
4. Enter https://www.mangwee.com in the url
5. Save changes then the app will connect to our server
6. Enter your 8 digit Super agent, agent or user login
7. Enter you password
8. Click login
NOTE: Your login code is found under profile when you log into your mangwee account.

Contact us if you need help on how to install or use the mangwee mobile app. Mangwee, making life easy!

Mangwee Mobile App